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Some further analysis on the role of the U.S. in Latin America.  For the last several decades various U.S. administrations have talked a mighty game when it came to Latin America and that is where things ended.  Words were never put into actions. 

Is Latin America lost of the U.S.? No, but there is so much for both the U.S. and Latin America to benefit from a closer economic, political, cultural, and security ties that it sickens on to think of all the potential lost opportunities. 

International strategists see the coming decades as a coming out party for Asia and the Pacific region.  Latin America does not want to feel left out. 

The Pacific Alliance is just the latest group that is looking to tap into the every growing trade links across the Pacific.  How well it will go is anybody’s guess but for the moment Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile are all in. 

The role of China in Latin America continues to be a hotly debated topic.  The Council on Hemispheric Affairs takes a look at the latest high level government meetings between Chinese and Latin American Leaders. 

China continues to do business across Latin America with little importance to political ideology.  Let’s say they operate with a business first politics second mentality.  

To expand on the title just a bit - So Go Commodities so goes Latin America.  From Venezuelan oil, Peruvian copper, Brazilian soy, and a host of other products Latin America has lived well for most of the last decade due to the huge commodities boom.  

If China and its fast growing economy were to even slow down just a little that would have dramatic effects across Latin America.  

The U.S. “losing” Latin America to other countries like China has been a hot topic in the press and academic circles recently.  Here is another take on that matter.  

China’s take on CELAC, the newest Latin American integration initiative.  

With the United States and the EU in full crisis mode Peru is looking at other trading channels to further increase its commercial activity.  One of these groups is the so called BRIC natcions (Brazil, Russia, China, India). 

Peru currently has very strong trade relations with Brazil and China and within the last 6 months there have been trade meetings with both Indian officials as well as representatives from Russia. 

The is the case of two BRIC countries looking out for each other for mutual benefit.